Camp Touloum

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Academy #2.

Camp Touloum is the second camp to host the Darfur United Soccer Academy. In Touloum, the Academy is currently serving 190 boys and girls, of which 60 are girls. This Academy is starting with fewer players, but the Coaches will grow the participation to 2,000 players over time. Children interviewed by the i-ACT team during the opening day of Touloum reported that DUSA is the only organized sports program currently offered for boys and girls in the camp.


Meet the Leaders

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DUSA Camp Touloum is led and managed by Coach Youssif, Asma, Mubarak, and Maniere.

The Academy strongly promotes the equal inclusion of women and girls, so we’re proud that DUSA Touloum is the first time that Asma and Maniere have the opportunity to play and lead soccer.  Both women demonstrated good soccer skills and a natural ability to lead the children. Coach Mubarak was a player on the Darfur United men’s team that participated in the 2012 World Cup in Iraqi-Kurdistan! Coach Youssif plays soccer on one of the organized camp teams and has long had a passion for the game.

Insights from DU Coach Ambassador

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Darfur United Coach Ambassador Rachael Rapinoe travelled back to east Chad to assist i-ACT in implementing DUSA Camp Touloum.

She wrote, “Every child had so much fun. Even during warm-ups they were all smiling from ear to ear. I can’t even begin to describe how adorable they were. Intently listening to their coaches and keenly focused on the next activity. The boys and girls played and laughed together for two hours. This morning, the Academy was a safe space for them to be children.”

Read more from Rachael about the recruitment and training of the Touloum Coaches and her overall experience.

The making of DUSA Touloum