Our Support has No Borders.

The Pride is the official supporters’ club for Darfur United men’s and women’s teams! Members seek to amplify the voice and support the team and the entire Darfuri community.

What does this mean?

Over 2 million Darfuris have been displaced from their homes and more than 450,000 have been killed in the ongoing conflict in Darfur, Sudan. With a ball at their feet and a jersey to unite them, no longer will they feel isolated and closed off from the world. As The Pride, it is our mission to protect and elevate those who need our help. Together as advocates, survivors, and soccer fans, we share their stories, raise awareness, and inspire positive change through the one vehicle we all know transcends all borders: sport.

Member Benefits

As a member of The Pride, you will receive:

DU Mini Ball and DU Scarf.

Access to Darfur United players including interviews, Google Hangouts, and more.

Access to the exclusive The Pride Facebook Group to engage with Darfur United players and fans from around the world.

The chance to vote on Darfur United team gear and discounts!

Join The Pride community as we become one voice with one mission for one cause.

We are loud.
We are passionate.
We are dedicated.
We are Darfur United.

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