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Darfur United Soccer Academy


Building on the need for programs that address trauma and promote education, health, peace-building, and social integration, i-ACT works directly with refugees to develop and implement the Darfur United Soccer Academy (DUSA).

Through DUSA, men and women become leaders in their community, and children ages 6 to 13 participate in a healthy activity with their peers, learning health and peace-building curriculum alongside soccer skills. DUSA also serves as a way to connect the refugee children and youth with soccer players and clubs across the U.S. and globally. A vital connection for a group of people who feel isolated and forgotten.

Kicks and Hope Curriculum

The DUSA curriculum is rooted in the pillars of Peace, Helping, and Sharing. Academy objectives promote leadership, health, equality, and education and work to connect and develop Darfuri youth. It is grounded in strength-based coaching. Download the Darfur United Soccer Academy Kicks and Hope Curriculum here. You can also view DUSA’s first set of Kicks and Hope Drills here.

The Challenge

5320772175_2a17b3315a_oThere are approximately 75,000 children and youth living in the twelve camps that dot the border between Chad and Sudan.  These camps have been in existence for 11 years, hosting a population that has and continues to experience trauma and loss, and a generation of children born into an environment that does allow for much hope.

The resources available to refugees are limited. Malnutrition is pervasive throughout the camps due to a decade of the same limited food rations. Programs deemed “nonessential” by the United Nations and other existing non-governmental organizations are not supported in the camps. Sports programs, physical activity and psychosocial support for children are considered “non essential”.

The Opportunity

IMG_9710Play is recognized as one of the best forms of therapy. Offering the opportunity to participate in a positive, organized, and sustained activity can have a huge impact on individuals’ psychosocial development.

Play is not a luxury. Rather it’s a human right and an important investment in the present and future. It can bring entire communities together and inspire every individual. It can form social ties and networks, and promote ideals of peace. A game of soccer can teach children about tolerance and peace, and help develop skills like cooperation, leadership and teamwork. Furthermore, sport has been increasingly recognized by international community to be a low-cost and high-impact tool in humanitarian, development and peace-building efforts. It has the unique ability to attract and mobilize people and communities.

Darfuris love soccer. With soccer balls rarely being available, the children make their own from rags, plastics, and string. They juggle, kick them back and forth, and organize games on the dirt, sand and rock fields. The refugees talk about their need and wish for better sports programs and education at every chance they get. They also express their great hope to connect with the outside world, beyond the camps that one refugee called, “an open air prison.”


Coach Profile: Leila


Learn about Leila, one of the first of two Darfur United Soccer Academy women coaches! There’s so much more I’d like to learn about Leila. I can’t wait for our next visit so we can get more insight into who she is, her family, her life in camp Djabal and her life before she became a refugee.



Featured Video: Coach Selection

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Project Overview

See how the DU Academy project will be implemented in the twelve refugee camps.


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Camp Djabal

See how the DU Academy project will begin in Camp Djabal.


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