Our Vision

To build long-term relationships between U.S. soccer clubs and each Darfur United Soccer Academy; connecting coaches, players and families in a new culture of participation.

Join The Pride

Members of The Pride seek to amplify the voice and support the team, Academy players, and the entire Darfuri community.

Organize a Tournament

Help move your community beyond bearing witness to genocide and mass atrocities to taking action through a 4 vs 4 Darfur United Soccer Tournament and Action Fair.

Coach Ambassador

iACT is seeking experienced soccer coaches to help expand our refugee soccer academies for children and youth in refugee camps in eastern Chad and Cameroon. Coach Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to bring their knowledge, skill, and expertise to the refugee camps.

Ambassador Stories:

Mark Hodson

Coach Mark Hodson helped create the first Darfur United team and traveled with the players to Iraqi-Kurdistan to compete in the 2012 Viva World Cup and the 2014 ConIFA World Football Cup.

Rachael Rapinoe

Get insight from Darfur United’s Ambassador Rachael Rapinoe. Read about her experience training the DUSA coaches in refugee camp Djabal and Touloum.


Create a personal relationship between your players and Darfuri refugee children.

Story: A Soccer Mom’s Testimony

“The range of giving for children is limited, although not impossible as they can raise money on their own and be shown how to give monetarily. However, there is no substitute for making a personal, compassionate connection and touching someone’s heart. In the long run, this gesture of letter writing could possibly be one of their first acts of charity owned completely by them and hopefully lead to a lifelong attitude of giving and caring for those in need.”


There are several other ways your club can support the Darfur United Soccer Academy. A great way to introduce DUSA to your soccer community is to collect letters, drawings and pictures from your players to share with Darfuri children in the camps. Coaches can also send a letter of encouragement to a new Darfuri coach. For a population that feels forgotten and isolated from the world, a letter and photo from a peer in the U.S. can be a vital connection.


Equipment is needed for each Darfur United Soccer Academy! We are always seeking new or gently used equipment to launch and sustain each Academy.

Equipment needed per Academy:

  • Soccer Balls
  • Size 3
  • Size 4
  • Size 5
  • 6 Ball pumps and needles
  • 30 scrimmage vest / pennies with at least 5 of the same color
  • 6 pop up goals that fold sown into carrying bags
  • 60 cones

And more…

Your club can host gently used equipment donation buckets at soccer events and local businesses, team garage sales, and round-robin 4x4 tournaments in honor of DUSA. Since every soccer club and community is different and you are the local expert, we will work with you to develop the best strategy for your club!

To get your club started, contact Sara-Christine Dallain at scd@iactivism.org.

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