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Soccer newsletter: Meet the SoCal team bringing soccer and hope to Darfur refugees

“These camps are forgotten,” Stauring said. “Food rations are at an unimaginably low rate. And education, they barely get any funding. So this opportunity to have this space where they just experience the joy of football in a peaceful environment and where they are seen as whole people, it’s transformational…”

Darfur United: A ‘forever’ project

Moubark Abdallah who tells this story, tells it from the comfort of a vibrantly wallpapered living room in Sweden. But he simply wouldn’t be there now if it hadn’t been for Gabriel Stauring, iACT, and the creation of Darfur United Football Club.

Recent Press

“Now We Are Part of the World” by Gabriel StauringPitchPlay Refugees: A magazine to celebrate #WorldRefugeeDay; Issue Date 25 May 2021; pg. 23, June 2021

Darfur United: More Than Just a Game
United We Stand, September 2019

Darfur United Host U.S.-based Training Camp with an Eye on WFC2020
CONIFA Blog, March 5, 2019

A Healthy Obsession, February 25, 2019

FROM SWEDEN WITH LOVE: Darfur United makes film debut, supports assembly of women’s Darfuri soccer team
NATA news, January 2019

Fundraiser helps Darfur refugees establish women’s soccer team
Easy Reader News, October 20, 2018

Cedars Sinai Partners With iACT to Uplift Refugee Women
Orthopedics This Week, October 18th, 2018

First female all-refugee soccer team in Darfur kicks off with help from Hermosa Beach resident
The Beach Reporter, September 12, 2018

8 Soccer Teams That Are Championing Aid to Refugees
Global Citizen, October 30, 2017

Sudan: Darfur United Refugee Soccer Team to Hold Tryouts in Southern California
Radio Dabanga, June 12, 2018

Hoppade av fotbollsturnering för att söka asyl – drömmer om eget lag (Hopped at football tournament to seek asylum – dream of own team)
Sveriges Radio, January 2, 2017

ÖFK:s fina gest – skänker en procent av lönerna till Darfur United: “Är fantastiska” (ÖFK’s fine gesture – donates a percentage of wages to Darfur United, “Is Amazing”), April 11, 2017

13 år av krig bakom bildandet av fotbollslaget Darfur United – Det här är deras berättelser (13 years of war behind the formation of the football team Darfur United – These are their stories), October 29, 2016

Hela Darfur United får stanna i Sverige (The entire Darfur United can stay in Sweden)
February 7, 2016

Darfur United återförenade efter två år (Darfur United reunited after two years)
November 7, 2016

Youth soccer club scores big with gift to youths in Darfur
Honolulu Star Advertiser, October 7, 2016

Darfur United åker till London: “Vi spelar för våra familjer och vänner i Darfur” (Darfur United travel to London: “We play for our families and friends in Darfur”), August 17, 2016

The Goalden Times, January 2016

Mohammed och Mubarak i Darfur United fick efterlängtat besked i julklapp (Mohammed and Mubarak in Darfur United got awaited decision for Christmas), December 23, 2015

Three Stories of War, July 28, 2014

Like Soccer, but sick of FIFA? This is the World Cup for you
Global Post, July 21, 2015

World Cup for rebel republics to be played in Abkhazia
The Guardian, July 14, 2015




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