Refugee girls living in Chad are teaming up to reach their goals on and off the soccer field.

Over the next year, iACT is supporting young women to participate in the Street Child World Cup (SCWC)– a global tournament for street-connected young people that will take place in Doha, Qatar in March of 2022.

Team Darfur’s participation in the SCWC will be the first global sport competition for girls in Chad’s refugee camps. The event’s aims extend well beyond the pitch and 10-day tournament. The central theme of the SCWC is Access to Education. Through providing resources and workshops over the next twelve months, iACT will support Team Darfur to build and amplify their message to the world about their goals and the support girls need to overcome challenges that impact their education. The players’ voices will be amplified through a three-fold platform of sport, art, and advocacy projects before, during, and after their travel to Doha.




The Road to the Street Child World Cup:


August 2021

Players in camps Djabal and Goz Amer begin training for the SCWC. 

September 2021

Team Darfur coaches lead the players in leadership and advocacy sessions on Access to Education and gender equity. 

October 2021

Team Darfur Girls’ Training Camp in eastern Chad. 

November 2021

In-person Global Education Summit in Doha, Qatar leading up to the SCWC. 

December 2021

Team finalizes its art and advocacy message to share at the SCWC. 

January 2022

Team Darfur Girls Training Camp II in eastern Chad. 

February 2022

Community celebration and send-off to the SCWC.

March 2022

SCWC soccer tournament and Children’s Congress.

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Darfur United in Doha

iACT fully respects those fundamental human rights of all people on the move, regardless of status. Our work across the globe demonstrates this commitment to the health and well being of every person and child. We endeavor to create awareness of the needs of people living in displacement and hardship. iACT builds and supports programs to facilitate the education of children in these same circumstances. The Street Child World Cup, which takes place in Qatar in 2022, offers an opportunity to focus attention on refugee issues that iACT cares deeply about, particularly girls’ access to education. We appreciate the opportunity for our girls’ football academy team to participate, acknowledging the power to overcome obstacles through access to resources and equal possibility. iACT supports human rights organizations that similarly work to effect change for migrant workers. We promote the call for the unconditional respect of migrant workers’ rights, personal safety, and dignity.

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