Introducing the Darfur United Women’s Team

The launch of the first-ever Darfur United Women’s Team has been years in the making. It required a global community committed to equality, opportunity, and hope. This week, the dream of a Darfuri women’s team became a reality for the 20 players who officially earned...

Equality in Sports and Life

Today I asked Fiza, a 23 year old defender from refugee camp Mile, why she hoped to play for Darfur United. Her eyes shimmered as she said with confidence, “We want to be equal with men, there are many men’s teams but not the same amount for women.” Then, she paused...

First Day of Training Camp for Darfur United Women’s Team

The first day of training camp with the Darfur United Women’s Team felt peacefully familiar. We arrived early in the morning to see the players already at the field eager to begin their sessions, smiling ear-to-ear when checking out their new cleats and jerseys—for...




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