Due to COVID-19, CONIFA has announced that the World Football Cup 2020 will not be taking place in North Macedonia. The players remain united and are eager to continue Darfur United’s journey.
Read about iACT’s COVID-19 response and how it relates to Darfur United here:

iACT Refugee COVID-19 Response: 100% of funds collected will go towards

soap, water collection materials, phone credit to disseminate information, and other essential needs. 


Darfur United: A ‘forever’ project

Darfur United: A ‘forever’ project

Moubark Abdallah who tells this story, tells it from the comfort of a vibrantly wallpapered living room in Sweden. But he simply wouldn’t be there now if it hadn’t been for Gabriel Stauring, iACT, and the creation of Darfur United Football Club.