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2012 Roster | 2014 Roster

Darfur United Soccer Club

The Darfur United Soccer Club began in 2012 and as a joint effort between the refugee community, i-ACT, the UN Refugee Agency and soccer fans. That year, the soccer team scored the Darfur community’s first international goal at Viva World Cup in Iraqi-Kurdistan. Since then, the team has been a vehicle for global awareness and a vehicle for hope and pride for the Darfur community.

This movement has brought hope and joy to the displaced people of Darfur. Darfur United has successfully inspired the Darfur people, fostered unity and cohesion among Darfuri tribes dispersed between the camps, and served as a microphone for an often voiceless and powerless community. The 2014 ConIFA World Football Cup in Sweden gave stage for the players to share their story and advocate for themselves, as the tournament reached 300 million people across 61 countries through TV, radio, and newspaper coverage and live reporting.

ConIFA World Football Cup 2016

Darfur United has been invited to participate in the 2016 Confederation of Independent Football Association (ConIFA) World Football Cup in Abkhazia next summer. It’s another opportunity for Darfur United to thrive and inspire thousands of refugees. But they cannot do it alone. Please support this hardworking team in their effort to reach the World Football Cup where they will represent and connect their refugee community with the world.




A Refugee Player’s Perspective

Mahamat “Iggy” Enigy is a special player and a special person. He played on the first Darfur United team in 2012 and 2014, and will be on the team for the 2016 ConIFA World Football Cup. Iggy has a style of his own, and he is interesting and insightful. He will be sending us messages from his home in a refugee camp on the Chad-Sudan border. Follow his story.