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Darfur United Soccer Squad

In what seemed like an impossible journey, an all-refugee soccer team traveled from isolated camps on the Chad-Sudan border to participate in the 2012 Viva World Cup in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Through the power of community, i-ACT coordinated the creation of the team and its participation in the international tournament. It was an unforgettable experience for all involved. It served as a vehicle for awareness and support for a refugee community that has lived through unspeakable horrors and that has been forced to live a less than complete life in remote camps. The team’s story brings the grave issues such as homelessness and war to a large audience through a relatable story of a team’s journey to a competition.

Not only is Darfur United an opportunity for the refugees to represent their people and play, it is also a movement to bring hope, inspiration, and joy to the displaced people of Darfur. After hearing about Darfur United, one refugee leader said: “Now we are a part of the world.”

Now, the team has the opportunity to compete again, this time on a larger and more prestigious stage at the ConIFA World Football Cup.


A Refugee Player’s Perspective

Mahamat “Iggy” Enigy is a special player and a special person. He played on the first Darfur United team in 2012. Iggy has a style of his own, and he is interesting and insightful. He will be sending us messages from his home in a refugee camp on the Chad-Sudan border. Follow his story.


ConIFA World Football Cup 2014

Darfur United has been invited to participate in the Confederation of Independent Football Association (ConIFA) World Football Cup in Ostersund, Sweden in June 2014. They will be the only team participating formed entirely of refugees. Join us in this unique and inspiring journey by supporting the 2014 Darfur United Squad!



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