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Darfur United Phase I Supporters

By Katie-Jay / December, 19, 2011

Thank you to all our Phase I Supporters!

Darfur United Supporters Club:
Rachel Stevenson
Kaltoum Nimery Jumah and Family
Marcia Prasch
Fikri Alkhatib
Lisa Goldner
Cesar Conto
Laura Haide

Darfur United Academy:
Joan Suzio
Doreen Romney
Joyce Ohgi

Darfur United Backers Club:
David Rosenberg
Teresa Stauring
Jeri Boshnick
Mark Rothe

Darfur United Producers Club:
Dan and Kendal McDonald
A. Andy Sehic

Honorary Assistant Coach:
Aid Still Required
Pam Omidyar
Genocide No More, Save Darfur — Redding, CA

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