IggyOn September 21, International Day of Peace, I received a wonderful message from Iggy. Iggy is a confident soccer player and person. During our journey to Iraq and the Viva World Cup, he was always smiling and looking for ways to help those around him. He is very unique in his personal style and way of carrying himself—quirky, but in a very good way! He had the scarves and the hats, and he’s probably the only Darfuri refugee I’ve seen wearing plaid shorts. At times in Iraq, in what appeared to be chaotic and stressful moments, he would turn to me, flash his cool smile, and nod his head—silently saying “We’re OK.” It made me so happy to receive this message from him:

Hi Gabriel:

How are you, your wife, and your daughter (the little princess) and all the family. I hope from god to protect you all the time, and to give you top happiness. You know, when I remember that moments in Goz Beida and Adiss Ababa, Istanbul , and Erbil, I feel happy and freedom. Thank you very much, because this is a big sacrifice from you guys. Now we know we are a part of the world, and humanity before political. All this because of you. Thank you again and again. Last not least, best wishes to you and your family and your people.

Iggy, from Oure Cassoni refugee camp. Lets stay in touch


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