After a long flight
After a long journey and two stops later, we finally made it to N’Djamena, Chad! Gabriel and the i-ACT team well prepared me for the Chadian culture and customs, so nothing has been too unexpected. We have spend quite a bit of time in the hotel, as well as logistical trips to get approval to ensure our mission in the East is fulfilled.

I am so excited to be on African soil, it is truly a place I have always wanted to go. Especially for humanitarian purposes. I am fortunate enough to have been a lot of places in this world, met a lot of people and entrenched myself in many different cultures, however Africa is a whole new experience. There is a very unique feeling here in Chad. Driving through town today the poverty was obvious, but there is an overwhelming mood swept over the entire city. I’m not quite sure of the exact words, once I find them, I will share.

I have no expectations for the refugee camps in the East, and I don’t want to begin imagining what they’re like. I want to see them unbiased and unexposed to anything like this in my life. Developing relationships with the Darfur refugees is what I am most looking forward to, as well as the excitement on the girls’ faces when we’re playing futbol.

It is their chance to play, their chance for hope, inspiration and joy.
Packing #tools4peace


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