Coach Leila

I always like to start my Monday’s by seeking some sort of inspiration. My way of starting off the week grounded, looking in the right direction. Today, I’m remembering Leila. Leila is one of the first of two Darfur United Soccer Academy women coaches!

Looking at photos of her in action during the training, I remember Leila was more on the quiet side, but we immediately saw a leader in her. She was always focused during the training, putting effort into learning the soccer techniques and all the skills and drills. When she was asked to demonstrate something she’d learn, or to lead the stretching and passing drills, she exuded confidence, and was actually very vocal and positive. What I remember most was that she always clapping and saying “good job” during the drills – to her fellow coaches, volunteers and to the children.

There’s so much more I’d like to learn about Leila. I can’t wait for our next visit so we can get more insight into who she is, her family, her life in camp Djabal and her life before she became a refugee.

When developing and planning DUSA with the refugees, we always focused on the needs of the children. They wanted their children to have a safe place to play, learn, and to be in a positive and supportive environment. Yet now, having trained the coaches and started the first Academy, we’ve come to realize that the Academy has also become source of empowerment, inspiration, and growth for the men and women coaches and volunteers, like Leila.

Happy Monday everybody! Seek inspiration. Take action. Support the empowerment of women like Leila, by supporting a DUSA player for just $10. Part of the $10 goes towards coaches training and salary.

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