We have a wonderful group of candidates for the position of Darfur United Soccer Academy Coaches. They will go through training and testing, as Rachael Rapinoe puts them through an intensive, two-per-day running of warm-ups, drills, skills, and character assessment process. At the end of it, we will chose two male Coaches and two female Coaches. It won’t necessarily be the best four soccer players that will be picked. The right coach will be a caring teacher that knows how to relate to and communicate with kids. They will also be responsible and dedicated, since it will be a demanding job that requires hard work and good organizational skills. Of course, they will have to demonstrate that they are learning the drills and are ready to start passing them on to children. Most of all, they must be ready to create a safe and fun place that uses the power of soccer to change lives. Yep, it’s a huge job!

Here are the twelve Darfur United Soccer Academy Coaches candidates:
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