thank-you guisma
I am humbled by the response we received yesterday in our first #GivingTuesday campaign. You have given 222 Darfuri refugee girls and boys the opportunity to join the Darfur United Soccer Academy, and sponsorships are still coming in!

Growing up playing soccer, I’ve experienced the beautiful game and continue to with family beach soccer games every week. There’s nothing that can replace the feeling of the ball at your foot, making the perfect pass, or shooting the winning goal. It is our hope that each Academy player feels happiness and embraces their right to play as children. You have made this possible.

Coach Mark Hodson, Director of Coaching at Manhattan Beach Sand and Surf and Darfur United Head Coach, told me Monday night that he received a text from one of the DU Soccer Academy volunteers that said, “Too many kids.” This a new and exciting journey for the coaches and for us as a community.

Thanks to you all the girls and boys who want to join the academy will have the chance to play and experience joy. My heart is filled with love and gratitude. Thank you:

Joan, Colleen, Marie, Laura, Leanne, Margo, Doreen, Katherine, Miriam, Gayle, April, Eric, Joanne, Amelia, Daniel, Margie, Kathleen and John, Mike, Catherine, Henna, Edward, Janice Wood, Suzie, James, Bruce, Natick Soccer Club and Community Anush, Theresa, Qiana, Ana, Brian, Celinda, Deanna, Susan, Kathy, Barry, Karen, Alex, James, Jill, Julie , Cinthya, Genocide No More, Save Darfur — Redding, CA, Zahara, Cheryl, and Maryse.

Didn’t have a chance to donate on #GivingTuesday? You can still sponsor here!

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