This week I have the pleasure of introducing another wonderful addition to our team! Meet Xochitl, our newest Darfur United Coach Ambassador and Darfur United champion in Austin, Texas! Here is a brief introduction that Xochitl wrote:


My name is Miriam Xochitl Hernandez. I’m originally from El Paso, Texas where I played youth, club and collegiate soccer. After graduating from The University of Texas at El Paso, I moved to Austin to pursue a career in structural fire fighting. I’ve been with the Austin Fire Department for a little over 12 years, playing soccer to keep me in tip top condition. In my off time, I enjoy learning about fitness, conditioning, high intensity exercise and nutrition. Certified as an IAFF peer fitness trainer, I coordinate the candidate physical ability test fitness program, helping train potential candidates interested in becoming fire fighters.

I wanted to become involved with i-ACT and Darfur United because I want to help others. Helping others through soccer is an incredible opportunity. Soccer helped shape me, finding hidden talents and challenging me, bringing out my utmost potential. I wish this for others. I feel that soccer is truly magical. When a team is in sync with one another they move as one unit, setting everything aside to reach the common goal.

i-ACT keeps a small staff, but it’s truly people like Xochitl and all those involved around the country, volunteering their time, expertise and network that allows us to create and implement unique, innovative and inspiring programs like Darfur United. So thank you to all involved, however big or small, because every single contribution to our work really does matter. With 2013 coming to an end, this past year we’ve seen first hand how a lot of people, giving a little, makes a big impact in the lives of the Darfuri refugees.

Help us continue this model of work. Support one refugee child, for just $10, and make a big impact.

Happy Holidays!

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