People are always asking us for what they can contribute to the team and children’s soccer academy. Here is a list of the most common things we use!

Team Tryouts and Youth Academy:
Adult Numbered Scrimmage Pennies (72)
Buy One – Give One 2014 ConIFA DU T-shirt
Adult Goalie Gloves
Sets of 2 pop-up goals

What we will need for team travel to ConIFA:
25 Matching Shirts for team travel (sizes S-L)
20 Duffle Bags (black or green)
20 Warm Up Suits (preferably black and/or green sizes S-L)
20 Matching Training Shorts (sizes S-L)
20 Travel Bathroom Kits: toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, all purpose soap for body and cloths, hand sanitizers, lotion, and washcloth
20 Pairs of New Running or Walking Shoes (sizes will vary, please contact us)
20 Pairs of Gently Used or New Adult Soccer Cleats (sizes will vary, please contact us)
60 Pairs of Socks for traveling
80 Pairs of Underwear

First Aid:
Kinesio Tape
Athletic Tape
Foam Underwrap
Gatorade Water Bottles and Carriers
Ace Bandages
Staple Gun

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