i-ACT 19 is upon us! Gabriel and I will be leaving for Chad this coming Monday, the 28th. Along with a professional soccer coach, we’ll be heading to camp Djabal to select the Darfur United players that will form the 2014 squad who will compete in the ConIFA World Football Cup June 1 – 8 in Sweden! It’s going to be an incredible trip as we continue to work tirelessly on getting the team to Sweden. There are still some hurdles to overcome, but with your support, we’re confident we can make it happen.

solYou too can be part of the journey to ConIFA. Here’s how: we’ve set up a webpage that gives you the opportunity to sponsor a specific player position. Do you have a favorite position? Does your son or daughter play a specific position that you’d want to sponsor on the DU Squad? Is there a position you believe is most critical to the   game? Now is your chance to show your support.

You can help us connect DU to your community by challenging your soccer team or club to collectively support one position! Your donation will contribute to your player’s travel, gear, and basics. Even a small donation will get him closer to Sweden and closer to representing his people on a global stage!

The team try-outs are scheduled for May 4 – 6. We will unveil the team and your player on May 7. Ahead of departure for Sweden at the end of May, the team will spend the rest of the month training for the tournament and becoming a single, strong entity.

Visit the player sponsorship page and pick your favorite position! Hover your cursor over the players on the field to find more information and to donate in their honor.

By becoming a player sponsor, you will be part of a legacy that brings hope to hundreds of thousands of refugees living in camps and around the globe—and to millions inside of war-torn Darfur. You will help bring the world the personal stories of Darfuris and focus attention on the large-scale humanitarian efforts essential to their protection. The journey will showcase the power of advocates, survivors, and soccer fans like YOU, joining forces to respond to a humanitarian crises, and inspire action in those who previously felt powerless to help.

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