13 Alex 3Alex Nuttall-Smith is not only an amazing mother of two, super responsible and supportive daughter of Isolde, and wife to a surfing pilot, she is also Darfur United’s Athletic Trainer.

In her blog during the 2012 VIVA World Cup, Alex said this about her “hospital” room:

“Usually there is an understanding of patient – therapist confidentiality. What is said during physical therapy treatment is of utmost secrecy. This is not so on the treatment table of Darfur United.

They want the world know about Darfur and they need us to be their voices. As they receive treatment, they tell me all about their families, schools, camps, their extreme hardships, and especially their dreams.

They are unselfish, kind-hearted, athletic young men with dreams of a united and peaceful Darfur. They are gathering up so many VIVA World Cup newspapers, fliers, and posters. They want to bring the memorabilia back to teach and inspire the people in their camps. Every day there is a new experience that they need to remember to pass along.”

When asked why she is part of Darfur United she says, “The Darfur athletes deserve the same level of athletic training support as any other professional athletes. They might be refugees, but when they are with me, they are athletes.”

We (Team i-ACT) could always use help filling Dr. Alex’s medical supplies, with all the necessities great athletes require. Here are a few things on our list:14 Alex 4

  • 12 Gatorade bottles and 2 carriers
  • Sports powder drink (aka “medicine water“)
  • Kinesio Tape
  • Adhesive Spray (1-2 bottles)
  • Adhesive Tape Remover pads (1 box or 1 bottle)
  • Lightplast tape (stretch athletic tape) 2 cases (2 ” and 3″). DU players like to have an area “wrapped” if painful. They are not used to playing on grass or even with shoes so their joints hurt quite a bit out on the pitch.
  • Cover Roll or Hypafix for treatment of blisters. This is very important for DU. players who will be adjusting to new cleats!
  • Pre-wrap (12 rolls)
  • White Zonas Tape 1 1/2 inch (1 case) 32 rolls
  • Leukotape (brown tape) 4 rolls

Want to do more? Find out how to sponsor Alex or view the full list of medical supplies by downloading this packet.

You can send donations to:
i-ACT/Darfur United
1732 Aviation Blvd #138
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Thank you for your support!

Alex and Katie-Jay


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