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The #WorldCupBlues is very real. It’s not about lamenting your team’s loss, it’s about not having any more games to watch and talk/dream/cry/laugh/obsess about. What do we do now? I know that this will not completely fill the void, but being a part of our 3-Days of Kicks & Hope campaign can begin to give you some closure and make you feel good!

GIVE JUST $10 NOW – and you will sponsor a boy or girl for one full year at the Darfur United Soccer Academy (DUSA).*

Over the last month, we’ve seen the passion, joy, and sorrow that soccer can evoke—in Brazil and Sweden. A ball, a field, and some players can move the world. In Sweden, our Darfur United team lost every game, but they also played hard, never gave up, and in the process, shined a light on their homeland, Darfur. The World Cup in Brazil brought the world together and converted our globe in to one big stadium—cheering, crying, and yelling, “Goooool!”

To give some of that hope and joy to thousands of girls and boys living in forgotten refugee camps close to the Chad-Darfur border, our goal for DUSA is to expand from one camp to four before the end of the year. This would give over 8,000 children a place to learn soccer, acquire leadership skills, and most importantly, play!

Please fight the #WorldCupBlues by becoming a DUSA sponsor.

*As an extra incentive, if you give at least $10 for Kicks & Hopes during our 3-day campaign, you will be entered to win a Darfur United jersey – the one worn by the team in Sweden.
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