Nin MahamadOur beloved Darfur United midfielder was interviewed by Facebook community group Football Outside the Box. These are his words from his heart.  Go, Mahamed! Go DU!

Interview with Mahamed Mahmoud Annour, Player in Darfur United National Team.

Can you introduce yourself?

  • My name’s Mahamed Mahmoud Annour. From mile camp estern Tchad refugee camps.

How did it feel when they said that they have taken you out for the Darfur United National Team?

  • I was very happy although l don’t have ideas about the worlds but I thought that this is the real good chance to show the world who we’re and this is my second opportunity for me first ar in kardustan 2012.

How was it to play a tournament in Östersund, Sweden?

  • It was very interesting tournament many different types of soccer all over the world and there are many different cultures and beautiful feeling for this tournament.

What was best with the tournament?

  • Oh! Yes there are one kind of frindly all guys I mean the teams when we get to bus every one cheer each one and support in game at last we saw that every one support us instead we don’t have a good football like them.

Do Darfur get help from any neighbouring countries?

  • No one “considered darfur province located in western Sudan the other parts of Sudan now the southern Sudan independence it’s become Republic since 2012 now the Government of Northern Sudan controlled all territory of Darfur since 2003 until now by killing and rapes and looting and Robbed they us force for any things for women and children and young people and seniors age we waited for supported but there’s no any support for this now more than hundred thousand of them Rufeges in estern Tchad.

Moreover all neighbouring countries are have their own problems and conflicts it was let them they have no any help for Darfurin.we were waiting for so long time with our forward but unfortunately no thing .that what know .but there’s some African organisations and particular persons working with United nation organisations for help in refugee camps .so maybe that is all.

Does Darfur have a national anthem and if yes, who made it?

  • No in Darfur doesn’t have its own anthem .we have puplic anthem which is Sudanese anthem that written by Ahmed mahamed Saleh that was in 1955 it written in Sudanese independence day.

What are the basic values about football that are taught to the young kids?

1- For me is football is team .You , me and he became we that is mean we are team and that is football has been played.

2- when we became we from you and me, we should have football .If we don’t have football that mean we do other else activity no football.

3 – you should know as you are player others also players like you so you should appreciate that than any thing else.

4- you should know that everything around you and any one around you is relationship with you and have meaning when you be in playground.

5- know that what you are doing is football , and every one has his own vision of future with what he does .so you should have your own vision of your future with your skills of playing side.

6- know that if you have dream in your life .it possible to reash with your playing foodball .with lile bit of secrets and patience.

7- know that you have friends and football to play football is that mean you are part of word football players .

Do you have any access to watching top football ( internet etc)?

  • Yes I have some .now at right now is I am watching match between PSG and Reims.

Is football the only popular sport in the refugee camps?

  • Yes ,but bisid this we have also volleyball.

What keeps you going, considering the dire circumstances you people have to face?

  • There is many challenges in my life .since my child hood up to now. Frist is i have no security to do what I thinking Is. Secondly my family is a poor family so that they can not support me in what I do. Three is i have no possibilities for my skills .
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