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There Are Winners Everywhere

By Sean / October, 16, 2014
Photo credit: Gabriel Stauring / i-ACT

Photo credit: Gabriel Stauring / i-ACT

There are winners everywhere!  In places you did not know even existed.  In Östersund, Sweden during the ConIFA World Football Cup, Darfur United competed against men who traveled near and far from around the world and who play exceptional football.  It was apparent every one of these men passionately love the world sport and the camaraderie that comes with every pass and memorable moment as a hardworking squad.

As our team uploads and purges the thousands of images and days worth of video from the summer tournament to our new i-ACT  Media Collective, we feel it is our responsibility to preserve, share and relive these priceless moments with you, our DU family.  We hope to share the voices of Darfuris with the world and to remind Darfur and it’s people of all the victories and great things they have recently accomplished.

To begin, we would like to acknowledge the great sportsmanship and pride of Arameans Suryoye FA.  Your team was a pleasure to watch on the pitch. Darfur United can learn alot from your wonderful style of play and more importantly your team’s demeanor, and how the coaches and players carried themselves off the pitch – always smiling and always saying hello.  It was an honor to shake your hands and get to know you outside the lines and whistles of football.  We hope to see you all again very soon, and we look forward to our future generations meeting the future footballers of Arameans Suryoye FA.  Go Suryoye!

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