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By i-ACT’s KTJ (Dir. of Operations and Community Involvement):

I can’t believe 2014 is almost over. What a year! With your support, our impact has been greater than it has ever been. And I suspect that 2015 will be just as full, both on the calendar and in effect.

Before the year ends, I wanted to share what I think are our 4 greatest accomplishments of 2014. We hope you will join us in celebrating these successes and make a commitment to stand with us in 2015. You can become a Sustainer of Action monthly supporter, give one time, or sign up as an i-ACT Ambassador.

1. The Darfur United men’s team traveled to Sweden and competed in the ConIFA World Cup. There were several moments that brought me to tears during the trip, but none were more inspiring and touching then the entire banquet hall at the closing ceremonies erupting into the “Dar-fur Uni-ted, Dar-fur Uni-ted.”

2. Little Ripples pilot school grounded in peace, helping, and sharing was open for its first year and our assessment showed positive improvements in health, cognitive, and emotional development milestones. Students were less violent, more engaged at home with their family, and smiled more. One of the most significant improvements was in health, with less rashes and diarrhea, and more hand washing.

3. 12 outstanding community leaders from across the nation became the Carl Wilkens Fellowship Class of 2014. They joined an impressive group of 67 leaders working to end mass atrocities by educating, activating, and empowering their communities to act.

4. Darfur United Soccer Academy in refugee camp Djabal has over 1,000 children, including a significant number of girls, attending practice every week. The two female coaches are now respected as community leaders, and young girls want to grow up to be soccer players and coaches.

You can read more about all our accomplishments in our 2014 Impact Report. This coming year, please consider becoming a Sustainer of Action monthly supporter, giving a one time year-end donation to support our program, or signing up as an i-ACT Ambassador.

Thank you for making 2014 so successful. Together, we can continue to create the radical change, hope, and peace in 2015.

best, KTJ

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