This blog was originally posted as part of i-ACT21 Day 9.

What a treat!! As we were leaving a restaurant at lunch located on the main market street, we run into Yaya! Yaya is one of the star Darfur United players. Our passionate forward to be exact. I was caught off guard and in an instant I was overcome with so much joy. I think I might have grabbed on to him a little too tight in my excitement.

We will spend more time with Yaya tomorrow and hopefully get to speak with him more about how things are going for him here in camp Goz Amer. Though he looked more thin than usual, and based on other stories and the food situation for most in the camp, I imagine he has also been hit hard by the food cuts.

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The petition to President Obama and UN Ambassador Samantha Power.


More information about food insecurity can be found on our virtual Refugee Rations report.


To support our Little Ripples’ efforts to improve children’s nutrition and health.

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