The four Darfur United Soccer Academy (DUSA) coaches for camp Kounoungou have been selected! The Kounoungou academy marks the fifth DUSA to open in refugee camps along the Chad-Sudan border. The program is now 20 coaches strong and provides up to 10,000 displaced boys and girls a safe space to play, move, heal and grow through the transformative power of sport.

Meet the newest coaches from camp Kounoungou:

Mohamat, 25
“Thank you to all the people that support the children of Darfur. Thank you for this opportunity. This is a wonderful program that brings us together not as men and women, but as one people.”

Koubra, 22
“I am going to do an honest job and work very hard as a DU coach. I’m most excited to be a part of leadership in my community ”

Nouradin, 20
“I can’t explain how happy I feel today. Starting today I am a leader in my community with the ability to help children. I am so happy to be a part of the DU family!”

Ilham, 27
“Thank you to this team and this program 100 times over. I could never say thank you enough. I look forward to teaching the young boys and girls in my community that there is no difference between them. We are all equal. And one day, I hope there is a Darfur United Women’s team, too!”

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