weblogoDarfur United is excited to announce that during it’s time in the United Kingdom leading up to the World Unity Cup, it will be training with coaching staff and at facilities graciously provided by Strachan Football Foundation, one of the UK’s premier and leading football education programmes. The Foundation instills high personal standards in young people and develops them with “aspirations to achieve in life both on and off the field.”

When speaking about competing in the World Unity Cup, Darfur United Head Coach and UK native Mark Hodson said:

“We are incredibly honored to bring our team to the UK to compete in the upcoming World Unity Cup and to have the opportunity to keep the world engaged in the ongoing and seemingly endless challenges the displaced families of Darfur face each and every day. This is, of course, extra special for me, being able to coach the team in my home country, the place where I developed a love for the game that somehow miraculously led me along a winding path to coach the Darfur United team.

“We couldn’t be any happier to make this trip and this year, with the added support of my good friend coach Dan Elliott and the Strachan Football Foundation in the United Kingdom, our goal is to make this the most rewarding experience yet for our players and their future happiness.”

Training at Strachan Football Foundation is not open to the public, but if any Press would like to attend, please contact Katie-Jay Scott at ktj@iactivism.org. Requests to attend will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

A full press release is available here.

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