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Join a group of people changing the world in the most effective and efficient way possible: iACT Sustainers of Action. 

Sustainers of Action support both the immediate needs and the expansion of iACT’s innovative, community-based programs in central Africa. They make it possible for iACT to be flexible and responsive in difficult environments and to look outside the box for refugee-led solutions. 

As a Sustainer of Action, you’ll be contributing to our work with refugees and you’ll also be invited to exclusive conference calls with iACT staff following every trip to refugee camps and sites in central Africa, and you’ll get to work directly with iACT’s Chief Operating Officer Katie-Jay Scott to develop personal connections between your community and our refugee friends. Become a Sustainer of Action, today. 

“The commitment shown by iACT by returning to Darfuri refugee camps whenever they can to serve and help is the reason we want to support them as much as we can.” — Teresa Wilkens, Sustainer of Action, Spokane, Washington 

Our goal in the next two weeks is to have 20 new people become Sustainers of Action. Will you be one of them!?

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