Bishara Abdlrhman. Most goals scored for DU (5). Photo: iACT


Snow still covers the ground in Sweden, but the Darfur United (DU) players are as busy as ever with soccer training and life in Östersund! This week, we caught up with DU players Bishara, Moka, and Mustafa, who answered a few questions about what they’ve been up to this winter and their predictions for the upcoming ÖFK vs Arsenal match at Jämtkraft Arena.


How is soccer training going?

Bishara: Soccer training is going super well! I like to try and practice new drills and ways to condition.

Moka: Training is going good…I have been working on my defense this winter.

Mustafa: My soccer training is going well. I like to practice training on my own in the gym.


What is it like training in the winter in Sweden?

Bishara: It is difficult to train for soccer in the cold weather- so that’s why I try to stay indoors!

Moka: It is cold! But that’s okay. I have lived here almost 6 years in Sweden so I will play in the winter or summer!

Mustafa: Training in the cold weather isn’t bad! It just means that sometimes you can’t run outside, but it keeps getting warmer and warmer.


Moka, First player in Darfur United history to score a goal in first cap. Photo: iACT

What do you think about ÖFK playing Arsenal in a few days? What is your prediction: Which players will score? Are you going to attend the game?

Bishara: It’s a big event, it has never happened in the history of Östersund. I am going at attend the match in the arena! We will win 1-0 and the player to score will be Saman Ghoddos. This is the dream team!

Moka: The game will be heated between Arsenal and ÖFK. It will be a surprise for Arsenal! There will be a lot of scoring, 4 or 5 goals in the game. I wish I could attend, but I didn’t get tickets in time!

Mustafa: It is so cool that a small Swedish club is going against a big team! It does not happen very often. I cannot attend the game because I have school, but I think the score will be 1-1. The man who will score is Ken Sema.


What activities do you enjoy doing other than soccer? Do you play any winter sports?

Bishara: I enjoy playing basketball once a week and cross country skiing in my free time, and I practice with a hockey team for fun.

Moka: I like swimming, walking, basketball, running, yoga, and snowboarding.

Mustafa: I enjoy basketball when I am not playing soccer, especially in the winter. It feels like playing soccer but just with hands.


What is your favorite part about living in Sweden?

Bishara: My favorite part of living in Sweden is Östersund because I like to live there. Östersund is one of my favorite cities in all of Sweden. I like enjoying summer and winter.

Moka: The best thing, and I always thank God, my family are with me here and I meet my friends from different countries, and I have the best team and trainer ever.

Mustafa: My favorite part of living in Sweden is to have good contact with people here. It doesn’t matter which nationality you are. I also like learning the Swedish language.



Anything you want to say to the Darfur United fans?

Bishara: First of all, I want to thank all of you who keep supporting us every single day around the world; because of you, today we’re part of the world.

The responsibility that we’re going to take is for our people living in refugee camps in Chad, and for the [Refugee United Soccer] Academies for our kids who want to become football players.

We hope that every refugee in the whole world gets freedom and peace.

Moka: Just keep going. If you lose the first time you will succeed the second time. Never give up. It is necessary to be one hand for Darfur.

Mustafa: I just wanna say thanks for believing in us and supporting us. I hope that you guys keep doing it, and we should do our best here to help the people home in Darfur and in the refugee camps and the refugee soccer Academy. We are playing for a better future for the people in Africa and all the world!!

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