After an inspiring weekend of soccer, the Darfur United coaching staff announced seven new additions to the team roster on Friday. Coach Rudy Sanchez noted, “We were impressed with the work ethic that each player showed throughout the weekend. Selections were difficult, but we are excited about bringing new players onto the team and to continue working with all of the players who attended the tryout.”

Check out the new players for the Darfur United Men’s Team!

Babiker Babiker

You will find Babiker serving as a maestro in the midfield. His field vision and ability to maintain possession in the center of the park caught the attention of Coach Hodson. Babiker has been living in the United States since 2006. He is a university student and wanted to join the team to “stand by my beautiful people.”

Mahajub Adam

Mahajub is a feisty midfield player. He hopes to “make history for Darfur,” and with his strong technical ability and visionary passing, his future is bright! He will be a key attacker for the squad. Mahajub’s favorite football club is Chelsea FC.

Gamar Garem

Gamar says that he “grew up playing soccer and dreams to play it all over the world.” He will now have the chance to do just that while representing his people. Gamar is a high school student. He can usually be found running down the left or right side of the field, starting dangerous attacking movements for the team.

Hany Ramadan Jr. 

Hany’s leadership on and off the pitch was noticed immediately by the DUMT coaching staff. Combined with his speed and work ethic, he earned a position on the roster. Hany is a university student in the state of Maine. He hopes to “draw the attention of the world through football to tell the world that Darfur remains strong and needs your help to bring peace throughout Darfur.”

Abuelgasim Ibrahim Mohamed

After his family escaped Darfur, Abuelgasim resettled to the United States at a young age. He is currently a high school student and plays competitively in the U.S. club soccer system. Inspired by his favorite player Jean-Pierre Papin, Abuelgasim is always looking for ways to earn his team a goal. 

Nebil Mohamed

Nebil demonstrated strength and tenacity during the 2018 tryouts, and is eager to compete in his first official match. When asked why he wished to join the team, Nebil reflected, “The people of Darfur have been through many struggles. It is good to be part of a team that represents my people.”

Abdulmoula Yahya Abdulmoula

 Abdulmoula brings additional depth to a veteran DUMT defensive line. He maintains a calm presence on the ball and strings dangerous passes forward through the middle and final third. His favorite player is Sergio Ramos.


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