Darfur United is excited to announce its Men’s Team will return to the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) World Football Cup in June 2020.

As the first team to become a member of CONIFA in 2014, Darfur United proudly participated in the new Association’s first ever World Football Cup in Sweden. The team then missed the next two—leaving players, staff, and fans eager to be back on CONIFA’s biggest stage representing all of Darfur.

The 2020 CONIFA World Football Cup will take place in Somaliland, in the horn of Africa. CONIFA has 56 members from six continents—but only 16 teams can participate in the World Football Cup.

“We are delighted that Darfur United will finally be returning to the big footballing platform that launched our team into the global spotlight,” says Head Coach Mark Hodson. “We will be using the next twelve months to try out new players and to improve our process with the aim of arriving in Somaliland 2020 a much more established and well structured on-field unit. We’re well aware of the challenges ahead of us, but Darfur United was built on the foundation of achieving the impossible, and we’re up for the challenge.”

When hearing of the news, Mobark Abdallah, outside midfielder for Darfur United, said, “We, Darfur United players, are so excited and cannot wait for it to happen. It means so much for us but also for all Darfuris around the world and for refugees displaced from our homeland. It won’t happen without your support, and we thank you in advance. Here we go again—Darfur United! ”


Darfur United’s #RoadtotheWorldFootballCup2020 starts now!

  • JULY ’19: Darfur United Men’s Team vs. Cascadia AFF in Seattle, WA for first-ever all-CONIFA game on North American soil (Home-Away Series)
  • AUG ’19: Los Angeles premiere of Darfur United documentary Not Just Football in Hermosa Beach, CA
  • AUG 19: Darfur United Training Camp in Östersund, Sweden
  • MAR ’20: Darfur United Men’s and Women’s Team training camps in Phoenix, Arizona
  • JUN ‘20: Darfur United Men’s Team participates in CONIFA World Football Cup 2020


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