To better serve its mission and values, Darfur United has decided to part ways with CONIFA effective immediately. 

From inception, Darfur United has been more than football. It is a movement for hope. When iACT, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization, co-created this team with Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad, we knew that the beautiful game would be a great vehicle for positive change for a group of people that have experienced the horrors of genocide. It would also serve to promote human rights, equity, inclusivity, and amplify the voices of the marginalized around the globe. Darfur United has done that and so much more. At this point, staying with CONIFA would not support these intentions and values.  

This unlikely team that was born from the sands of remote refugee camps along the Chad-Darfur border has united people across continents, bringing joy with every kick of the ball. It has also been a catalyst for real and substantial improvement in the lives of innumerable women, girls, men, and boys. 

Darfur United, its players, and its management team are committed to pushing this team forward, on and off the field. As soon as conditions permit, we look forward to collaborating with and playing against other wonderful teams around the world and taking an active role in organizing games and tournaments that promote universal respect and human rights. We will be joining other value-aligned teams in a new collaborative initiative, the World Unity Football Alliance, which will serve as a platform to further our mission. More information on this will be shared soon. 


Darfur United

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