iACT to support a Darfur United girls’ team from Chad’s refugee camps to participate in the Street Child World Cup in Doha, Qatar.

Darfur United girls’ soccer players to participate in 2022 Street Child World Cup iACT to support a Darfur United girls’ team from Chad’s refugee camps to participate in the Street Child World Cup in Doha, Qatar.

LOS ANGELES, CA — In March of 2022, Darfur United—a program of the Hermosa Beach-based humanitarian action organization iACT—will bring a girls’ soccer team from refugee camps Djabal and Goz Amer, Chad to participate in the Street Child World Cup (SCWC). Team Darfur’s participation in Doha, Qatar will mark the first global tournament for a Darfur United girls’ team and the first time refugee teams will participate in the SCWC.

Darfur United (DU) began in 2012 with a mission to be a vehicle of hope, joy, and awareness for people who experienced violence and displacement as a result of mass-atrocities and human rights’ abuses in Darfur, Sudan. Following the launch of the Darfur United Men’s Team, the Darfur United Women’s Team officially launched in 2018. The women’s side brings new possibilities to women and girls in Chad’s refugee camps, where few opportunities for sport exist.

iACT Founder Gabriel Stauring shares: “Team Darfur will be a group of girls born in refugee camps in one of the most remote places on earth. The challenges that they face daily are unimaginable. This opportunity to represent their communities on a big stage and advocate for access to play and education can have an immense impact on their lives and the lives of refugee girls everywhere.”

Street Child United uses international sports events to change negative perceptions and treatment of street-connected children everywhere. Boys and girls’ teams representing 21 countries will come together in Doha to compete in a 7-a-side tournament, and to engage with the tournament’s overarching theme “Access to Education.” The emphasis on supporting young people’s access to education will include art and advocacy initiatives that coincide with the soccer tournament–making the most of this truly global platform to connect and support young people around the world in advocating for their rights and goals. The tournament serves as the lead-up event to when Doha hosts the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup just a
few months later.

iACT’s aim for Darfur United’s participation in the tournament is to help refugee girls reach their goals, on the soccer fieldand in the classroom. As the DU’s girls team prepares to play in an international football tournament to amplify their advocacy aims on access to education for refugee youth, iACT will facilitate resources, mentorship and wellbeing support before, during, and after the SCWC.


Based in Los Angeles, iACT is a groundbreaking international action organization with a mission to inspire a more mindful humanitarian system. Our vision is a world where the dignity, humanity, and agency of conflict-affected people are recognized, affirmed, and supported. iACT was established in 2009 in response to the Darfur crisis and since then has grown into a team of experts providing humanitarian action that disrupts the traditional, top-down aid and service model and is grounded in refugee-led solutions from ideation to implementation. iACT facilitates refugee-led education, sports, and human rights programs in camps around the world. For more information visit: www.iact.ngo.

iACT Statement on Human Rights: iACT fully respects those fundamental human rights of all people on the move, regardless of status. Our work across the globe demonstrates this commitment to the health and wellbeing of every person and child. We endeavor to create awareness of the needs of people living in displacement and hardship. iACT builds and supports programs to facilitate the education of children in these same circumstances. The Street Child World Cup, which takes place in Qatar in 2022, offers an opportunity to focus attention on refugee issues that iACT cares deeply about, particularly girls' access to education. We appreciate the opportunity for our girls’ football academy team to participate, acknowledging the power to overcome obstacles through access to resources and equal possibility. iACT supports human rights organizations that similarly work to effect change for migrant workers. We promote the call for the unconditional respect of migrant workers’ rights, personal safety, and dignity.

darfurunited.com | iact.ngo |contact: amy@iactivism.org

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