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Darfur United Soccer Academy


Building on the need for programs that address trauma and promote education, health, peace-building, and social integration, i-ACT works directly with refugees to develop and implement the Darfur United Soccer Academy (DUSA).

DUSA is a comprehensive and replicable child development soccer program that trains and employs refugee men and women to provide a safe place for refugee children to learn soccer, health and peace-building curriculum.

Through DUSA, men and women become leaders in their community, and children and youth are provided a safe place to participate in a healthy activity with their peers. DUSA objectives are to promote leadership, health, equality, and education. DUSA also serves as a way to connect the refugee children and youth with soccer players and clubs across the U.S. and globally. A vital connection for a group of people who feel isolated and forgotten. Download the Darfur United Soccer Academy Overview to learn more!

Kicks and Hope Curriculum

Experienced coaches from the U.S. travel with i-ACT to train refugee coaches  in the DUSA Kicks and Hope curriculum. The curriculum is rooted in the pillars of Peace, Helping, and Sharing, and strength-based coaching. Take a closer look at the Darfur United Soccer Academy Kicks and Hope Curriculum.

Academy Design

SKILL AREA: The DU Acadmey will focus on skills in order to provide a foundation for the players and motivation to learn something new.

COACHES: Scrimmages will be managed by coaches and volunteer trainers to provide organization, coaching and support to the players.

PLAYING FIELDS: Scrimmages will allow players to apply skills directly to a game situation, learn how to work as team, and most of all, play and have fun.

CLASSROOM/STORAGE: A space to manage the equipment as well as for coaches and trainers to come together and prepare for the Academy.

HEALTH: Trainers and Coaches will be trained to help players maintain good health and heal from possible injury by focusing on stretching, strengthening, hydration, first aid and sports injury treatments, and concussion management.

SPORTS FOR GIRLS: The Academy will be the first ever sports program for girls in the refugee camp. It will focus on developing both female coaches and athletes.

Program Schedule

  • The Academy takes places six days a week
  • Boys and girls ages 6 – 13 attend the Academy in the afternoon, after their morning of primary school
  • Youth 14+ are given the opportunity to utilize the Academy field, equipment and guidance from coaches in the morning
  • Each child participant attends the Academy two days a week
  • Coaches provide each player with a DUSA membership card upon registering

Program Reach

  • Each DUSA is designed to reach 2,000 children per refugee camp, or 24,000 across the 12 camps in eastern Chad

Duration of Academy Session

  • The total  time frame for each DUSA session is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours
  • This allows for sufficient time to engage the children in an appropriate and safe learning environment on the field

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Five Launched. SEVEN More to Go.

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