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Academy #5

DUSA Kounoungou marks the fifth Soccer Academy to open in refugee camps in eastern Chad. The program now employs and empowers a total of 20 Coaches and provides up to 10,000 displaced boys and girls a safe space to play, move, heal, and grow through the transformative power of sport.

Meet the Leaders

DUSA Kounoungou is led and managed by Mohamat, Koubra, Nouradin, and Ilham. To be employed as a coach is a life-changing opportunity. Six days a week, these four coaches will lead refugee children in mindfulness exercises, warm-ups, soccer skills, drills, scrimmages, and team-building games, and will be positive mentors and influencers for thousands of young boys and girls in their community.

While watching the Soccer Academy Coach try-outs at camp Kounoungou from afar, there was some unexpected traffic in our line of vision.