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Camp Mile

Academy #4

DUSA Mile (“mee-leh”) is the fourth Soccer Academy to be launched in eastern Chad! This camp is known for its football legacy and it doesn’t take long to understand why. Mile has six competitive men’s teams who play regular matches and tournaments. However, the women and girls have had no opportunity to play soccer, and children have had no organized sports. DUSA has changed that. One of the men trying out expressed his excitement about the program. He said, “We’ve been here [in the camps] since 2004 and this is the first time women have played football. The first time! It’s amazing.”

Meet the Leaders

DUSA Mile is led and managed by Amina, Tayra, Haisam, and Abdulmajid, and they are a strong team. Athletic, focused, hilarious, and collectively wise, it was obvious by the end of training that these four understand the full reach of the Soccer Academy and the ability of this program to positively impact their community.