Camp Djabal


Djabal Camp


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The First Academy.

Camp Djabal is the first camp to host a Darfur United Soccer Academy. The Academy is currently serving over 1,300 boys and girls!



Meet the Leaders

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DUSA Camp Djabal is led and managed by Coach Habiba, Adam, Ramadan and Leila.

They are the leaders implementing the Academy six days a week, collecting and sending weekly reports to i-ACT using Pazocalo, recruiting children, connecting the Academy to camp schools, informing parents, and assisting with training of future DUSA Coaches.

Volunteer trainers assist in facilitating the Academy as well as maintaining the field, the equipment, the Academy facilities, and providing support to the coaches and players.

Coach Leila

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Leila was eight years old when she escaped her village of Kabar in Darfur during an attack by the Janjaweed. She walked for 3 days, with only the clothes on her back. No shoes. No food.

Today, Leila is 19 and is one of the first female DUSA Coaches. When asked how she feels about being a DUSA coach, she responds, “Now I feel a new responsibility. I feel like a leader, and I feel confident talking in front of large groups of people in the community.”

Player Highlight

Meet participant Mohamed Haroun. Mohamed is 10 years old and DUSA is the first organized sport activity he’s attended in refugee camp Djabal.

Mohamed’s favorite part of DUSA is getting to learn from the coaches, scrimmaging and when he scores a goal.

“When I feel alone, I go to the Academy and make friends and see my friends.”

Here, Mohamed is proudly displaying his very own DUSA membership card.


Opening Day of DUSA Djabal

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