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The Darfur United Men’s Team traveled to the ConIFA World Football Cup in Ostersund, Sweden June 1-9, 2014.


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All ConIFA World Football Cup in Ostersund, Sweden matches will be streamed live on an pay-per-view basis. Watch here.

Team Schedule:

Game 1: June 1, 2014

Darfur United darfurunited_square_white
0 – 20

Game 2: June 2, 2014

Darfur United darfurunited_square_white
0 – 19

Game 3: June 5, 2014

Darfur United darfurunited_square_white
0 – 12

Game 4: June 7, 2014

Darfur United darfurunited_square_white
0 – 10

Meet the Team:


Coach Mark Hodson

Darfur United's Head Coach has traveled to the refugee camps in eastern Chad, as well as to two international tournaments in Iraqi Kurdistan and Sweden with the team. Now he will return to his home country to lead the DU players at the first World Unity Cup.


    Central Defender

    We are looking for a strong, committed player who is able to compete for the ball on the ground and in the air. Must be a leader and feel comfortable in possession of the ball, being able to distribute well and bring the ball out of the back line. This player will play a pivotal role in the team’s success.


      Abdelhamid Mahamat Djouma

      Gentle Giant, Abdulhamid hails from Farchana Camp and was a member of the 2012 DU team. Brave and imposing, he has significantly improved since 2012, and this year he will be an even stronger force in the goal.


        Team Physio Alex Nuttall-Smith

        "Dr." Alex, as the Darfur United players affectionately call her, keeps our team on the field. She monitors their nutrition, heals their aches and pains, and always has an emergency action plan. She'll be traveling to the UK to make sure the team stays healthy for the World Unity Cup.


          Midfielder 1

          Mobile, strong on the ball, fearless, relentless, and can bring the Darfuri spirit into the heat of the game. Must be able to maintain possession of the ball and be disciplined positionally with and without the ball. We’re particularly interested in players who play in the central areas, helping to solidify a strong "spine" to our team.



            The first and, to date, "only player" to score for the Darfur United team in competitive action, Haggar will be remembered forever in Darfuri Football History. We are looking for the next Haggar to bring joy to the team and its supporters, and to forever etch his name in Darfur United football history this summer in the UK.


              Midfielder 2

              Mobile, strong on the ball, fearless, relentless, and can bring the Darfuri spirit into the heat of the game. Must be able to maintain possession of the ball and be disciplined positionally with and without the ball. We’re particularly interested in players who play in the central areas, helping to solidify a strong "spine" to our team.


                Ismail Gamaradin Abakar

                Brave, bold and always with a smile on his face, Ismail will once again provide Darfur United with tremendous cover in goal and will not disappoint when called upon. He is very popular member of the squad and a great team player.


                  Moubarak Khamis Ahmat

                  Another strong and elegant player who can provide the team with a number of options due to his versatility. Strong in possession and excellent with both feet, Khamis can occupy a number of positions and will be a critical performer for the team.


                    Bichara Khalil Abderaman

                    Bichara brings height to the Darfur United team, but also laughter and encouragement. As a defender he anticipates where his opponent plans to go and meets him with strength.


                      Moubarak Abdallah Ahmat

                      A leader on and off the field, Muobarak provides a tremendous outlet for the Darfur United team. He is built in the style of an old fashioned yet industrious wing player who likes to get down the line to deliver crosses and link play.


                        Mahamat Mahamoud Annour

                        A quick and intelligent left footer, Mahamat, takes every opportunity to get forward and support the attack. He possesses a great left foot and can produce lethal crosses into the box.


                          Saddam Hissein Dine

                          Left footed lightning! Saddam has tremendous pace and an engine to match. He's attack minded and positive. Saddam always entertains in every game and never misses an opportunity to get forward. He's also very entertaining off the field and is a great dancer!


                            Ismail Abdraman Ibrahim

                            Ismail "the Comedian" Abdraman is a leader who works hard for his teammates. He motivates and encourages, and he defends with pride and shoots the ball with a purpose.


                              Abdelbassid Oumar Souleyman

                              Abdelbassid is a solid leader with a wise head on his shoulders! He occupies the role of holding midfielder, though also possesses the versatility to fulfill a number of roles. He keeps things simple and organized….sometimes the hardest thing to do!


                                Youssouf Mahamat Abdallah

                                A mountain of a man at the back for Darfur United! Youssef reads the game very well and uses his physical supremacy to win the ball and then distribute it with great poise and accuracy.


                                  Abdelrazik Haroun Ibrahim

                                  Abdelrazik is solid on the ball and plays well with teammates Saleh and Youssouf. He communicates well and can also play in the middle of field where his quick pace and endurance will be dangerous on the counter attack.

                                    Team Sponsors:

                                    facefirst inc




                                    Three Darfur United defenders sponsored in honor of Chanie, Cassie, & Canlie Scrivner.

                                    Left Forward sponsored in honor of Rachael Rapinoe, Darfur United Coach Ambassador, by Portland, OR community members with each donation matched by the Never Again Coalition.

                                    Left Center Back sponsored in honor of Gabriel Rubanowitz and his Bar Mitzvah and Alex Rieg of Sand & Surf Soccer Club.

                                    Left Defender sponsored in honor of Katie-Jay Scott, aka on the field as “Evil Jay,” and Garrett Harbridge of Sand & Surf Soccer Club.

                                    Goalkeepers Ismail and Abdulhamid sponsored by the Sampson family.

                                    Left Midfield sponsored in honor of Sean Toshima.

                                    Center Left Defender sponsored by Marcia Crain Prasch and the Boise Coalition to Save Darfur.

                                    Darfur United Athletic Trainer, Alex Nuttall-Smith, sponsored by Timothy Hartshorn at Beach City Orthopedics, Dean Ward of University of Tennessee Women’s Soccer Program, Andjela Bogunovic, Linda Cook, Cathay Pacific Business, and West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation.