Sponsor Play, Give Hope


i-ACT is working with Darfuri refugees in creating a comprehensive soccer program, the Darfur United Soccer Academy. Through the Academy, children gather and participate in a healthy and enriching activity that supports trauma relief and promotes peace-building. The Academy not only provides the joy of play, but serves as a vehicle for peace and a way to connect the refugee participants with soccer players and clubs across the U.S. and Europe.

$10 provides one refugee child with a one-year membership to the Darfur United Soccer Academy.

The sponsorship will also pay for:

  1. Training of DUSA refugees coaches and their salaries
  2. Soccer equipment including soccer balls, cones and other gear
  3. Organized in-camp tournaments between DUSA participants
  4. Connecting DUSA with communities in the U.S. and the world

$10 pays for all of the above—and so much more. The Darfur United Soccer Academy will be a place to learn about leadership, teamwork, peace-building, and healthy living. Most importantly, it will offer hope, joy, and play!


Team Partnership

comCreate a personal relationship between your players and the Darfuri refugee children. Here are different ways you can do that:

  1. Send an email to your club members about the Darfur United Soccer Academy and ask each family to sponsor a Darfuri refugee soccer player through Kicks & Hope.
  2. As a club, collectively set a goal for the number of DUSA children you would like to sponsor. As an example, you can decide to sponsor 100 children for a total of $1,000. The club as a whole then works together to reach the $1,000 goal through direct sponsorship or a fundraising campaign.
  3. Include Kicks & Hope in your Annual Club Fee: Make the $10 sponsorship of a DUSA player part of your club’s legacy by increasing your  annual dues by $10 per club player.  That means your player is receiving a year of the club experience and so is a Darfuri refugee.

To get your club started download our Global Partnership Packet or contact Sara-Christine Dallain at scd@iactivism.org. We will work with your club to create personalized campaign materials for presentations.

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