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Choosing A Different Perspective

Posted By Sara-Christine / December, 7, 2015

This blog was originally posted on iactivism.org. There are so many needs. At the end of our 8 hour days in the camp, I plop down in my room at…

Living in a resourced deprived environment

Posted By Sara-Christine / December, 2, 2015

Darfur United Soccer Academy (DUSA) coaches Thouhilia, Sadiya, Issag and Souliman had a challenging day at DUSA recently. DUSA in Goz Amer is certainly not lacking participants, but with an…

Rapinoe Soccer Camp Coming to Los Angeles, Jan 27

Posted By Katie-Jay / November, 30, 2015

iACT and Darfur United are proud to partner with Rachael and Megan Rapinoe for their 1st Los Angeles camp. The Wednesday, January 27 camp is co-hosted by iACT and Beach…

The iACT22 Trip: DUSA In Pictures

Posted By Pauline Lendrich / November, 30, 2015

Also have a look at the Little Ripples pictures from the trip!

Being Present in the World

Posted By Sara-Christine / November, 29, 2015

The Darfur United Soccer Academy in camp Goz Amer is scheduled to begin at 2pm each day. However, everyday, starting as early as 11am, boys and girls come to the…

Introducing DUSA Goz Amer Coaches!

Posted By Bridget Grant / November, 27, 2015

Our final day in Goz Amer was jam-packed with activities and full of emotion. It was far and away my favorite day of the whole trip. In the morning, we…


Posted By Sara-Christine / November, 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from eastern Chad! We are so grateful to be celebrating out here, near our Darfuri family. Being daily surrounded by refugees who have been away from their homeland…

Adventures in Chad: Interview with DU Coach Ambassador Bridget Grant

Posted By Sara-Christine / November, 24, 2015

Over the past few years of traveling with iACT to eastern Chad, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work alongside a diverse group of team members. For the implementation…