I stumbled across this video from i-ACT9 when I was working on our video archives today.  The entire i-ACT team is very focused on soccer and Darfur United at the moment, so this little guy grabbed my attention.  He’s just a small child, and I do not know his name – but he makes a big impression as he plays with Katie-Jay.

He picks up the soccer ball with his hands, clearly unaware that the rule is you can’t directly touch it.  Then it occurred to me – maybe this little boy could one day grow up and play goalie for Darfur United?

At the very least – doesn’t he deserve the chance to dream?

I am not a very big sports fan, but watching the joy on the kid’s faces as they play soccer and talk about their favorite players never fails to strike a chord.  Soccer is one of the most universal languages on our planet.  It promotes health, teamwork, self-esteem – and most of all, hope. Whatever Darfur United manages to achieve in its journey, the younger generation of Darfuri refugees will have something to aim for: a goal to reach.

I can’t think of a better reason to support Darfur United.

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