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Darfur United Podcast: Hit the Ground Running

By James / April, 1, 2012

In this episode, we finally land in Goz Beida and travel to Djabal camp to see the 20 or so players who have already arrived. We meet them at their temporary tent camps and then see what they’ll be eating at the local restaurant. Coaches Mark and Brian even get a chance to see some of the Djabal players in action.

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2 Responses to Darfur United Podcast: Hit the Ground Running

  • Rachel

    Congratulations Team and Coaches!!! All of you are doing an amazing job. This journey has been awesome to follow.

  • Omo Alare

    Why should white coaches go to Darfur, and coach the soccer players.When are the white allow africans to breath peace, without imposing on them. Teenagers african players, in european countries, playing among their equals in nationa leagues. LOcal african coaches them to become international star. As soon as they become adult the white coaches would step in. And in most cases the payer deteriorated within five years under white managers. The next excuses are they are older than the age they claimed.
    Any african players should be managed by the managers from his home country ,from why he received initial training.

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