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The Journey to the Viva World Cup

By James / May, 25, 2012

The Journey to the Viva World Cup

Take a look at a map of the epic journey the team will make to the Viva World Cup in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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8 Responses to The Journey to the Viva World Cup

  • Rachel

    Wow! It’s a long journey… Can’t wait to hear about all the experiences… Go Darfur United! Love the map!!!

  • Martha

    Very exciting!! Go Darfur United!!! What an amazing adventure! Thank you all!!!

  • Teresa

    Nice to see the route on the map. I guess it’s not too bad considering not too many options for flights…

  • Ruth R. Smith

    I'm puzzled about the name Iraqi Kurdistan. Is Kurdistan a city in Iraq? Isn't there are a country named Kurdistan?

    • Hzr Kurdistani

      Kurdistan is a nation divided among 4 countries. Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. After the invasion of Iraq by America, the Iraqi Kurdistan gained semi-autonomy. The Iraqi Kurdistan has four cities. Sulaimany, Duhok, Kirkuk and Hawler, the capital.

    • Ruth R. Smith

      Thank you very much for your reply.

    • Hzr Kurdistani

      You are most welcome


    istanbul will welcome to Darfur United!!!


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