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Watch the Games!

By Katie-Jay / June, 3, 2012

Game 1:
The first game was at 5pm in Erbil, Iraq/7am PT/10am ET on June 4th against North Cyprus. The result was a 15-0 loss, but the team remains in high spirits. Unfortunately, we were not able to record the game. Read Coach Mark’s reflection here.

Game 2:
10:30pm in Erbil, 12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET against Provence on June 5, 2012. Another tough game for the team (18-0), but many more lessons learned and amazing moments had. They guys worked hard in their second game in two days against tough, experienced, and talented opposition. Tomorrow, a relaxing morning and then back to training in the afternoon. Read Coach Ben’s blog. 

Game 3: June 7th – Time, Location, Opponent are TBA

Game 4: TBA

To watch games, if and when they stream, you will need to follow these steps:
1) Download this application: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html
2) Once VLC is downloaded, close it and click on this link: http://delicast.com/tv/Iraq/Iraqi_Media_Sport
3) It will ask you to “allow” VLC to open, accept
4) In VLC, press play and “Iraq Sports Channel” should open and play their current programming.

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4 Responses to Watch the Games!

  • Sebastian Rodriguez

    Don’t look back!! Keep moving forward! On to the next game. Go get em Darfur!! I believe in you!
    Keep playing hard!!

  • Elliot Edmunds

    Watching you guys live from a base in Afghanistan. YOU CAN DO IT! GO DARFUR UNITED!!!

  • Julee McCarthy

    That was so exciting to watch. They played so great. Even 7,534 miles away I was questioning calls. Unfortunately, I got called away and didn't get to see the last 5 minutes.

  • Mohammed Osman

    oh nic! dear darfur united team I lve it too much.

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