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Poem of Darfur United

By James / June, 7, 2012

Team captain and all around leader Sulieman Adam Borma wrote the following poem for the team. We decided that it would be the first thing we hang on the wall of the Darfur United Stadium club house.

Poem of Darfur United

Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi
Go Darfur United go
Go Darfur United go
Thanks to USA nation
Thanks to USA nation
And thanks to the people of the world
And thanks to the nations that we will never meet
But they pray for us to be free
Our thanks to the founder of Darfur United
Our thanks to the suporters of Darfur United
Darfur United is the team of Darfuri Nation
Ya is the team Darfuri generation
Ya is the team that represents Darfuri Nation
Ya nation of the history
Nation of the generosity
Ya nation of the glories
I’m the son of the land
Land that you all know
Land full with natural resources
Go Darfur United, Go Darfur United

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2 Responses to Poem of Darfur United

  • Suzanne Murray-Jones

    Go Darfur United S 🙂

  • Rachel Veerman

    Sounds like a new theme song – Ya Ya Ya… Go Go Go.

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