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Ten Things

By Gabriel / June, 10, 2012

Ten Things I’ve Learned Somewhere Between the USA, Chad, and Iraq

1. People can rebuild from horrible suffering and maintain their humanity—and sense of humor.

2. You show you care, you earn trust, then you can push them as hard as is needed, and they respond.

3. Just because you call someone a “driver” doesn’t mean he should be allowed anywhere near a car, much less a bus full of VIPs!

4. Sometimes the hero of the story really does looks and act the part.

5. Adam is the real deal.

6. Nothing like having with you someone that has your back and you completely trust, especially when traveling through Chad and Iraq. Oh, and it helps if he’s tireless.

7. When a mother tells you to take care of her son as if he was your own, it’s an “Oh, s__t!” moment.

8. It is powerful to see courage that is quiet, humble, and driven.

9. Growing up in Mexico, some believed that there existed people with the divine given or magical power to heal with touch. I didn’t believe. Now I do.

10. Joy.

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9 Responses to Ten Things

  • Rachel

    That’s a lot of good learning!

  • Mark Hodson

    Magnficent Gabe….What a journey, what a team…on and off the field….Sheer Magic…..Sweden 2014 here we come!

  • Vicki Ono

    Thanks for inspiring so many people, Gabriel, including me.

  • Sam Yafai


  • Rozanne Kilpatrick

    Beautifully stated Gabe. I feel like I know all of you through the sharing of these wonderful bits of stories and reflections. Now, lets get you all home so you can share this all with your wives and babies…in person! Congratulations x 2!

  • Martha Boshnick

    What an amazing group of people. Thank you all for this remarkable journey and for all you have done for the precious people of Darfur! Thank you.

  • Susan Luck Sampson

    Number 11: Having a wife that loves you and your cause so much that she can send you off wondering if you'll make it back in time for Leila Paz's arrival 🙂

  • Katherine Fleming Yarges

    Amazing, remarkable, extraordinary. What more can you say? Only congratualtions, and yes Mark, "Sheer Magic." Thanks to the whole team, players and organizers.

  • Janet Knutson

    Beautiful, just beautiful : ) love the insight of your experience. I feel a connection with the group and I hope they can continue on in their journey.

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