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We’ve Already Won

By Mark Hodson / June, 4, 2012

“We’ve already won……we’ve already won……We’re Darfur United and we’ve already won!”

It’s 4am…Game day…I can’t sleep!

Tonight we play our first ever “official game.” Indeed Darfur’s first ever game, and it is in the VIVA World Cup, in a real football stadium against the 4th highest ranked Non-FIFA team in the World and arguable favorites “Northern Cyprus” …oh yes…and we are in Iraqi Kurdistan!

As first games go…or any game for that matter…I don’t think it gets any bigger than this!

Our team is incredible, sure they can play a little, but what truly sets them apart as giants of the VIVA World Cup, is the manner in which they have navigated every challenge and emotion from start to finish in this epic journey of suffering, pain, family, community, friendship, hope and teamwork.

10 Weeks ago each player left their respective camp to attend a try-out for Darfur United, an unknown entity with unknown expectations. Most players have not yet been back home since that day. As they look forward to tonight, they will create history by pulling on the beautiful green uniform for the very first time. I have no doubt that it will become an iconic symbol for hope and joy for a people who have faced such untold and unjust adversity.

I cannot wait to present each player with their game jersey, to shake them by the hand and hug them for their achievement in becoming the most “United” team on the planet.

To tell them that their families back home will be aching from head to toe with happiness to know that their sons, brothers, friends, fathers…the men who make up Darfur United will tonight be representing a new hope and a new future for the people of Darfur and they will soon return to tell their story and to start the next chapter in this beautiful story Darfur United 2.

To tell them that people all over the world will be scrambling to find a link on their computer to try to see one second of action from their game and to “wish” positive vibes across continents.

Tonight they will finally have the chance to celebrate their journey on the field, and regardless of the result, we all know…”They’ve already won!”

Mark Hodson

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13 Responses to We’ve Already Won

  • Candy Jones Cleveland

    Today's the day! Wishing the team good luck in the Viva World Cup.

  • Vicki Ono

    Best of luck to Darfur United in this, the World's game!

  • Rachel Veerman

    Yessssssss… They are absolutely already winners!

  • Sehic Azra

    whoohooo! Darfur United 1st game ever! Making the History! We are so proud of YOU, DU! BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES! <3 <3

  • Iklas Sulma

    GOOD LUCK, we are very pround of you, keep going Darfur United!

    • Alaeldein Musa

      ikhlas how are darfur won the game and we still in sufring for every things in this part aprat country fact tap tings we see I dont want to mantion during the day by the day

    • Iklas Sulma

      hi, this is a football team called Darfur united, they are Darfuri refugee living in chad, check out this web, http://darfurunited.com

  • Nettie Parker Bauman

    love you guys! will be praying for you and will try to watch the game! DARFUR UNITED! DARFUR UNITED!

  • Rozanne Kilpatrick

    It's been a busy weekend here in Connecticut. Sat down with my morning coffee, and checked in on you. It fills my heart and my eyes spill with happiness for all that is happening there. You are all winners!

  • Teresa

    Good luck! Hope everybody is receiving the positive vibes from supporters around the world.

  • Susan Burke Brooks

    Getting ready to go and teach a class full of 8th graders in California what you have gone through and how far you have come. I'm sure you will have a whole new group of fans very soon. You have already shown the world what winners you are. Best of luck in your first game.

  • Mike Elias

    Great event. Great story for great people. Now go out and win your first game

  • Linda Overlin Cook

    An amazing and inspiring event! Good luck!

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