We received this message from DU Captain Souleyman:

Hello founder of darfur united!
I am very proud to write or to send message to you. How are you, and how are you doing, and how is Katie-Jay with her kids and how is Leila and and all your family there? I hope you and your family are doing well.

We were started coaching in differend camps but we stop during Ramadan season but all players are saying hello to you and to Mr James and to our Coach Mark and Ben and Docter Alex. Go Darfur United Go!

Our thanks go to you Mr Gabriel and to suporters and to Katie-Jay and James and Mark. I wish to see very best and good development for this team soon. I thank Mr Tarbosh for giving me this opportunity to send this message to you.

Go Darfur United team.

I or we hope to see you or to hear your voice,
Souleyman Adam.

Hello Katie-Jay, how are you and your family i hope they are doing well. We are stil saying Go Darfur United but we do not know how much we thank you for all. If someone asked you about darfur united say to him is a big team and strong.

Greet family and all suporters and all friend of darfur united.

I wish to see very best and good development for this team soon.
Go Darfur United Go.
Souleyman Adam.

Hello Mr James I am very proud to get this opportunity to say hello to or to all staff of Darfur United. How are you Mr James and how is your family I hope they are doing well.
I wish to see you soon.
Go Darfur United.
Souleyman Adam.

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