Hello DU supporters! Just wanted to let you know that i-ACTs collaboration with universities and student organizations around the world continues to grow! On March 17th, the Universities Fighting World Hunger chapter at St. John’s University in Rome hosted a 5 v 5 soccer tournament in support of Darfur United. The tournament successfully raised $450 for Darfur United, and more importantly, spread the word about Darfur United and the importance of soccer programs for Darfuri refugees. Pictures coming soon!

Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) is a partner of the UN World Food Program and a catalyst mobilizing universities across the nation and around the globe to make fighting hunger a core value of higher education institutions worldwide. Like UFWH, we too care about hungry people. And while i-ACT is focusing on the unique power of play to improve the lives of children and youth, there is no doubt an inseparable link between nutrition and sport. Which is why we’re so proud to partner with the passionate students of UFWH striving to solve global hunger.

A big THANK YOU to UFWH for organizing and hosting the event, and going above and beyond their mission to end global hunger by inspiring others to support Darfur United.

Spreading Peace through Sport,


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