My name is Rachael Rapinoe, owner of Rapinoe Soccer Camps and retired women’s professional soccer player. I’ve spent my entire life learning and trying to master the beautiful game of futbol, and now I am lucky enough to teach this knowledge to others. I have coached at many levels, from youth to universities, trying to instill positivity, inspiration and encouragement to all players of all ages.

Rachael Rapinoe

It is an honor to be chosen by the i-ACT team to serve as a Darfur United Coach Ambassador and help spearhead the first Darfur United Soccer Academy in the refugee camps. We will be training male and female coaches a carefully designed curriculum created by Rapinoe Soccer Camps and i-ACT. Our goal is to give the Darfur refugees hope, inspiration and joy as well as showing their culture that women ARE leaders in society and deserve the right to play.

We leave for Chad October 19, just weeks away! You can stay up to date on our trip by following along on our blogs and social media. I’ll be writing more! Don’t miss them, and please feel free to respond to our posts.

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