EPL-Fantasy-Football-WP-no-textEnglish Premier League fans and Fantasy Sports players, our mates on the Isle of Man have come up with a wonderful idea, playing EPL Fantasy Football for Darfur! Please read the letter below from the Manx International Football Alliance that further details this fun form of charity:

In an effort to continue the support for i-ACT with its work for the Darfuri Refugees, MIFA invite all our followers to join with us and play in a fantasy football league. The aim of the league is to raise funds for Darfur by donating at the end of the season 1 cent for each point scored, to your choice of: Darfur UnitedLittle Ripples or the Soccer Academy.

An average score per season is around 2000 points, so that’s a donation of around $20 for a whole season of enjoyment, so why not try pitting your skills as a “Fantasy Manager” against your friends and other followers in the Darfur Utd league

MIFA are giving a prize of a Darfur United Team Shirt to the winner of our 2014/15 Darfur League.

If you are a member of fantasy.premierleague.com just add the league code 668294-194280 to your account, or if not you can register at the same web address.

To all the other associations within ConIFA , please consider setting up your own fantasy league for the benefit of Darfur Utd. just ask the players to agree to this:

By signing on to play in the league it is understood you agree to this commitment of 1 cent per point and will at the end of the season make the appropriate donation directly to i-ACT, details of which will be placed on the league forum page in due course. 

The storied English Premier League begins this Saturday (8/16).  Rally your family and friends and play [EPL] Fantasy Football for a great cause.  If you have any colleagues who may be interested, please forward along this link! – http://darfurunited.com/2014/08/play-fantasy-football-darfur-united/

Good luck!


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