It’s difficult to convey what it feels like to see a DUSA come to life. It’s always surreal to be standing in what feels like the middle of nowhere in eastern Chad, near the border of Sudan, as we watch men and women work together to provide a safe, nurturing space for young boys and girls to learn soccer together. So in an effort to connect you, and to share the DUSA experience and joy with you, we’ve created a short video that gives insight into the most recent Darfur United Soccer Academy.

In this video, you’ll see DUSA Touloum in the making and at opening day. You’ll see the DUSA coaches training and selection by Ambassador Rachael Rapinoe. You’ll see the coaches working together, welcoming the players in a peaceful circle, organizing the drills, and teaching soccer. Perhaps most surprising is that you’ll see that the girls play just as tough and rough as the boys! Keep in mind that before DUSA, this is a camp and community that didn’t offer the equal participation of girls and women in soccer — or in any comprehensive sports program. So to see the girls so engaged and energetic was a reminder that, when given the chance, girls want to play too.

As we celebrate DUSA Touloum and the participation of girls, we also want to focus on empowering more coaches and reaching more children. On May 30th, we’ll be hosting our fourth annual One Strong Kick benefit event in Hermosa Beach, California, in order to support our efforts in expanding DUSA to other refugee camps. Tickets for the event are on SALE now! Buy now for our early bird special offer. If you can’t make the event, you still have the opportunity to be a part of One Strong Kick and to support DUSA by entering into our $10 KICKS AND HOPE RAFFLE here.

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